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Achieve a higher internal state to live a better life (article)

I realize I can live a better life on the outside if I invest in my life on the inside. For good or bad, we live from the inside-out . . . our internals shape and sustain our externals. Are there things I can do to achieve a higher internal state?

Our internal state is key as we follow Jesus and learn the ways of his Kingdom.

I elevated into a higher internal state recently while investing time in the Word and prayer. This doesn’t always happen. But I sure love it when it does!

What do I mean by a higher internal state?

It’s vital for us to consistently invest time in the Word and prayer. There are extraordinary dividends. I don’t think God is active in any way apart from the agency of his Word and Spirit in our lives.

Whether I feel I’ve elevated to a higher internal state or not, it’s important to be steadfast in spiritual disciplines. It’s simple. As we engage God in his Word, prayer, worship, etc. over time, he honors it.

When I’m in a higher internal state, I sense renewed hope. Fresh energy seems to ignite. At times, my body can be energized. New ideas show up. I start imagining potentials … both near and far. My faith is strengthened. I feel more authoritative. Like anything can happen. I become more certain of the truth that internals affect externals.

I usually find that when I engage the Word and prayer, it takes a bit of work to “press in” and get past the noise. Not only the grinding din of dayliness on the outside. Even more, the noise on the inside.

But it’s always worth any effort to get there!

To be honest, I’m seeking how to intentionally get myself into these internal states! A little Kingdom R & D (research and development) is in order!

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What I’m learning about achieving a higher internal state

1) For me, it starts with the Word

When I’ve elevated to a higher internal state, I’ve pressed through in the Word at some level with strong focus. Even hunger. Jesus said, “My words are spirit and life.” He also said, “Man does not live by bread (the natural) alone.” The Word primes my inner man. It’s seed. Somehow, things are germinated and activated.

Level Up Your Internal State with Scripture

2) Sanctified imagination

I find that my imagination gets charged when I’m in an elevated state. Aspiration hits a new gear. Faith rises. I start imagining potentials. I even visualize myself experiencing these potentials. It’s almost a role-playing within. Note this: these are precursors to manifestation.

3) Resources: the gifts of the Holy Spirit

I sense words of knowledge or words of wisdom surfacing. I may operate in the gift of discernment about something. We have extraordinary resources we should be accessing!

“Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts” … (1 Corinthians 14.1). Read about the gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and Romans 12:3-8.

4) Increased authority

I’m finding that when I’m in this state, I feel like I pray and decree with increased authority. There’s power in your faith-filled voice! Faith is voice-activated. (It’s also action-activated.) This is key to me.

Speak to mountains and remove them … still the storm via the internal peace you release … see healing come with a word … declare and decree the Design of Heaven … “name” a situation in harmony with the Father’s mind.

5) Put some zip into it … live with zeal!

I generally feel some measure of the “zeal of the Lord” coming on me about some things that are current, relevant, or that I’m foreseeing. The Scriptures say, “The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this.”

Even the Creator operates in his own zeal! As vice-regents of his Kingdom, how could we think that we can move and work in his stead without his zeal? I have to live a zealous life. Not a zeal-less life!

Continued questing …

So I’m on a quest to learn about these things. My knowledge and experience are always “in part.” But I have to be on the grow! Jesus is our Mentor/Coach/Teacher.

We need these times when our best self is coming to the fore. The better Brian is a winner. The lessor Brian … well, he can be embarrassingly lame. I don’t mind saying it!


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