Fathering generates new things

Fathers are creators—original and innovative.

Monday, June 17, 2024

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"Fathering" is seminal. It’s generative. It’s a keystone to many things.

Let's zoom out. True fatherhood flows from God as our Father. Jesus teaches us to relate to God as our "Father."

In John 8, Jesus boldly told the corrupt religious leaders that their true father was the "father of lies," the devil. (Uh, not “politically correct”)

The "father of lies" sires many (not all) politicians, educators, entertainers, and many more too.

Fathers are creators—original and innovative. Their role is more than just raising biological children ... they generate all forms of new beginnings.

Real fathers speak the truth, no matter the cost. They nurture, shape, guide, and conquer obstacles.

They face down the "father of lies," confronting deceit with truth. They overcome the attacks.

It’s a sport to them.

The endgame: it’s about restoring everything under the loving care and blessing of our Heavenly Father.

Brian Del Turco

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